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  • Magento deployment problem

    If you are a Magento developer, you will get trouble when your development job complete.  It is because Magento does not provide any deployment procedure and tools but blocks you to deploy just with code dump and database dump!

    Why? ask Magento, please, don't ask me. 

    But How? you can ask me this question.  I made a work a around procedure to help you.  I cannot confirm it 100% works!  Test by yourself.

  • Cannot use webmin to manage mysql on Ubuntu 12.04

    You may manually install webmin and virtualmin on ubuntu 12.04 LTS.  I think a lot of bugs there.  At least, I found the mysql management is not compatible.

    Do not change any ...size parameters in MySQL Server Configuration page!  The mysql won't start anymore because the directive generated by webmin is not suitable for mysql 5.5.x. 

    Of course, you can change these paramters.  Open /etc/mysql/my.conf, follow the user guide to manage it. 

    Or the simple way to help you to fix it if you really did the foolish job on webmin: 

  • Redirect loop for i18n on anonymous user

    When you are running i18n, you MUST double check your configuration.  If your default language prefix is empty, you may get a redirect loop error when using url parameter to switch language for a page (like ?language=jp).  It may be empty by default.  Even after login, your language specified page never come out with url parameter or session variable.

    Check here: /admin/config/regional/language/edit/en  (suppose English is default)

  • i18n unexpected error or crash in fcgi

    Just do it.

    1. Comment the following dependences if PantaRei Siren you are using it.
      in here profiles/pantarei_siren/modules/pantarei_siren_core/
        entity token

    2. Disable those two modules, this is the main goal, it generates dead loop with i18n.

       entity token

    3. Disable+Uninstall any i18n package (Multilingual - Internationalization).



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