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  • libreoffice bugs don't restore windows or restore windows

    If you are using LibreOffice on Mac OS X, you may see an unclosed dialog box "Don't restore windows or Restore windows". 

    This dialog box cannot be closed even Force Quit.  You can only kill the process in command line.  Once it happens, will always happens until you reinstall Mac OS (not only LibreOffice).

    This is a 100% bugs but never fixed by Libre, poor guy :<


    Doing this to help you temporary.  Very easy, delete the save state folder and contents by this command:

  • GoDaddy Nameserver not register problem

    If you want to use your owned server for DNS, or add one more secondary.  Please do it with the following THREE steps, otherwise, you can only suffer from "Nameserver not register" pain.  Do not upgrade your DNS to premium, no help for it!


    1. Launch the Domain Manager, then, DOMAIN DETAILS screen comes out, find the Host Summary (add) at bottom left cornt

  • drush up never end

    When running Drupal 7 drush 5.0 up to update, you may jump into dead loop.  I don't want to fix this problem.   It may be made by cross module reference or hook.   Especially if you are using pantarei_siren profile and using git pull to update the code.

    Just give you a solution.  First of all, you must run in suexec mode and have write permission to your document directories.  The answer is easy; run update in Drupal, jump to Module, click Update, check everything available and run it.   Forget any unavailable version in the module update list at this moment. 

  • git pull bugs when error occurs

    When you run the git pull command on linux, you may come across a bugs that if one file or directory has permission problem.  Once the permission (or any access I/O) problem comes out, the files' modification date before the error may changed to current!?

    Then, what happen?  Once you fixed the access or I/O problem and run git pull again, thousands of conflict come out because of the file date changed. 


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